Benefits of Vehicle Graphics and Wrapping

We’ve blogged about how simple and effective it is to have your business vehicle wrapped because you’re a driving advert, but there are more reasons to use vehicle wrapping and graphics on your vehicle and today’s blog post is all about those reasons.

First of all, while it is an effective way to get your brand and business out there, what you’ll find is that driving through the streets with a branded car or van is not an aggressive way to advertise. A lot of people don’t like interruptive radio adverts or people stopping them to hand them a flyer for example, so simply driving down a street in the hope of catching people’s eyes (which you will) is much more friendly and not intrusive at all.

If you’ve hired your vehicle or you have it on lease, vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are easy to remove at the end of the period you have secured it for. The paintwork will not be damaged by removing the graphics and it will also have been protected from the elements.

We can match your existing colour scheme even if you have started to wrap your vehicle or indeed your entire fleet with another company. It protects the value of your vehicle too, in case you want to sell it on at the end of your business or if you upgrade. It’s easy to remove the graphics like we say, and there’s no need to repaint or anything like that in order to sell it on. You can simply remove the graphics and sell the entire fleet if you want to without losing value.

It’s cost effective too, especially if you drive long distances in a truck or lorry. Flyers and leaflets can cost a fortune to print, so spending a decent amount on vehicle graphics works out cheaper in the long run. You can see your money at work with vehicle graphics, instead of wondering if the flyer you had printed in floundering in a bin somewhere.
If you would like to see our work, our website has galleries available for you to peruse, then if you think we could help you out at all with branding or vehicle wrapping or indeed any kind of vehicle graphics then give us a call and we’d be happy to hear from you!