Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning in Manchester

Our specialists in roof cleaning in Manchester are trained to the highest standards and are given strict guidelines to ensure that your roof is cleaned to the up-most. We only use the best quality roof cleaning products which are specifically blended to improve your roof. That’s not even the best part about us. We will even repair your roof as part of the service as well!

Most clay and concrete tiles roofs have moss and algae growth. The main reason for that is due to the tiles becoming porous after many years of being exposed to the elements. Having a build-up of moss and algae can lead to damaged tiles and gutter blockages.

Not only does our expert service remove all the algae and moss, it also cleans the roof tiles thoroughly. Once the process is finished, your roof will look brand new, further improving the overall look of your house.

Benefits of roof cleaning

  • Cleans the roof tiles from ghastly moss and algae
  • None of the structure will be disturbed
  • Improves the look of your roof
  • Waterproof coating increases the longevity of your roof tiles

Our 4-step roof cleaning process

  1. A complete health and safety procedure is undertaken to ensure maximum safety. Along with this, the downpipes will be disconnected to stop any moss blocking the drains. The surrounding floor area will be covered in sheets wherever possible to keep the area clean.

2. Our roof cleaning will be underway making sure to get every spec of dirt and moss, please note that we will clean up every bit that may fall off the roof.

3. If requested, we will replace any broken or missing tiles and re-point all the roofs ridges.

4. An anti-fungicidal wash is then applied to your roof using a low-pressure wash. The reason for this spray is to remove moss and lichen spores, also to prevent the re-growth.

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