Roof Maintenance

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Build up of moss, dirt and algae on your rooftop can cause blockages in your building pipes and gutters. Allowing this to happen can cause damage to your building and cost you a lot more money to repair in the long run. To stop this from happening we offer a full roof cleaning and moss removal service so that your roof stays in top condition.

We can provide roof maintenance in Manchester and its surrounding areas. Our experience covers all different types of roofs and our state of the art equipment and fleet of high access platforms means we can complete the job in a safe and secure way, without causing any disruptions.

Slate and Tile Repairs

Dislodged and damaged roof slates and tiles are a common occurrence. We keep a stock of slate and common clay and concrete tiles which means we can carry out repairs quickly and reliably.

Our team are capable of covering all aspects of roofing services. All repairs will be discussed in detail before work is carried out.

Flashing and Leadwork Repairs

Flashing materials are found in external areas of a building. Any structures or protrusions that rises through or joins to a roof will have flashing, it is fitted to maintain watertight integrity of the roof.

Leaking leadwork must be repaired or replaced.

Skylight Repairs

Failing to install suitable roof lights and not ensuring adequate maintenance or repairs will cause leaks and reduce the amount of natural light. Both of these problems can be avoided by our Roof Light Replacement service. Our team can upgrade and complete a roof light replacement on any type of roof with any type of light you require.

A skylight replacement can be completed with no disruptions, so your building can continue fully operational. The increase in natural daylight will reduce the need for artificial lighting, reducing your overall lighting costs.

Roof Surveys

If you require a roof condition survey our team will be onsite as soon as you need. Due to having our own fleet of high access platforms we are able to respond quickly, reliably and safely, without the need of hiring any equipment.

We will always be completely honest and transparent with our reports, including photographs to ensure this. Recommended repairs and improvements will be discussed with you thoroughly.

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